Music For Xenology

by Aairria



This album is dedicated to all my wonderful supporters on bandcamp, with special mention to Alderbaran, hellmuth schomberg, microtubule and Purple Crow. Thank you!

Contemporary Electronic Soundscapes (or CES in short) is an initiative of polish electronic music forum to create compilations of electronic music. Many artists who love classic electronic music would compose specially for such compilation. Each edition of CES would revolve around a specific theme but with no given interpretation, so that imagination could play its part.
I've had a pleasure of contributing to this initiative several times. But since the actual releases of CES are slow coming and still very much unknown to many outside of Poland, my decision was to offer these tracks as a gift to my supporters and all other who find these interesting.

"OBE" was submitted to CES V: Hallucigenia.
"The Nebula Of Lost Signals" was submitted to CES IX: Per musicam ad astra.
"Xenobiotic" was submitted to CES X: X.
"Between Then And Now" was submitted to CES XI: Someday somewhere... in between... in the beginning...

Track four is dedicated to the lasting memory of Edgar Froese whose music inspired and amazed me on several occasions.

Two bonus tracks attached to this release are specially mastered versions designed to provide a chance of delving deeper into the textures and structures of original compositions.


released August 2, 2015

Music, mastering by Aairria.
Cover design by Aairria.



all rights reserved


Aairria Warszawa, Poland

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